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Anul 2018 reprezintă aniversarea a o sută de ani de la înfăptuirea momentului istoric al Unirii Transilvaniei, Banatului, Crișanei și Maramureșului cu România. Centenarul Marii Uniri constituie pentru toți românii.
Romanian Traditions in California va organiza în acest an o serie de manifestări dedicate Centenarului Marii Uniri

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Proiect finantat de Ministrul Romanii de Pretudindeni

Cu ocazia celei de-a treia ediţie a festivalului “Be Romanian for a Day”, Festival care promoveaza cultura , limba si traditiile romanesti pe teritoriul american, multumim Excelentei Sale Domnului Ambasador George-Cristian Maior pentru suportul si sprijinul accordat pentru sustinerea acestui proiect.
Proiect finantat de Ministrul Departament Romanii de Pretutinteni
Va transmitem mesajul dlui. ambassador George Maior, adresat participanţilor
Honorable authorities,
Distinguished organizers of the event, Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear compatriots,
It is my great pleasure to address this message to all those who are joining this edition of the annual festival "Be Romanian For a Day”, one of the most important events of Romanians who live and work in the United States of America. Although I regret that for objective reasons I was not able to attend this special event, I want to assure you that, in spirit and mind, I am with you, including through my representation by my colleagues from the General Consulate of Romania in Los Angeles.
This year we celebrate the Centennial of the Great Union of 1918, the most significant moment of our history. In 1918 at the end of WWI, based on the principle of self-determination proclaimed by the US President Woodrow Wilson, the historical Romanian provinces of Bukovina, Bessarabia and Transylvania decided by a free popular vote on the union with motherland Romania. The contribution of the Romanian - American communities to stimulating American support for the Great Union of the Romanians was of paramount significance. 100 years ago, in May and June 1918, more than 150 organizations of Romanians in the U.S. decided to unify and founded the Romanian National League. The president of the League, Captain Vasile Stoica, met president Willson in September 1918 and presented the unification aspirations of the Romanians. President Woodrow Wilson answer was loud an clear: "With the spirit of national unity and the aspirations of the Romanians everywhere the government of the United States deeply sympathizes and will not neglect at the proper time to exert its influence that the just political and territorial rights of the Romanian people may be obtained and made secure from all foreign aggression". If we stay united, America will be on our side. That is why I take this opportunity to encourage today all the Romanians within the United States to be united in supporting Romanians' interests, and the US-Romanian strategic partnership.
Coming back from the brilliant past to nowadays, I would like to underline that in 2018, the US-Romanian
bilateral relationship is stronger than ever, due to a dynamic political and economic dialogue and excellent military cooperation. We have a vibrant dialogue on critical issues related to the international agenda, but more importantly, we have built strong bridges of friendship between our two nations, bridges that were also forged with the help of the Romanian-American community.
At the same time, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to the organizers of the event that have made possible this cultural moment dedicated to Romania in Los Angeles and neighborhood. Special recognition goes to Ms. Dorina Manga, the president of the organization "Romanian Traditions in California”, for the effort to support the cohesion of the Romanian community in the United States of America, as well as for the consolidation of the Romanian -American relationship. Under these circumstances, I would like to underline that Romania stands ready to continue the cooperation with the United States of America in the same transparent, consistent and fruitful manner, by taking full advantage of all opportunities still lie ahead.
I hope you are enjoying this great event!
Sincerely yours, Ambassador George Cristian Maior
Special thanks to our Romanian Consul General at Los Angeles, Cosmin Dumitrescu and Mirela Dumitrescu who come forward to support our  events.
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